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Deseree Sowell wedding Flowers 

Danville, IA  -


If I could be outdoors 365 days of the year I would! And if I can't be out then I love to bring nature in.  I live in the countryside of southeast Iowa with my wonderful husband, 4 amazing children, 1 black cat, a pond full of frogs, countless weeds and 35 raised garden beds. I love spending time with my family,  learning Jeet Kune Do, and practicing yoga.


I received a Floral Design Degree From Brigham young University, Idaho. I've designed in the States of Montana, Idaho, Utah, and New York. I've also had the privilege of living in Ecuador for a time. Each place influencing me for the better.


I am frequently asked what my favorite flower is, and I honestly can’t answer that question! It’s like asking a musician their favorite note. Each flower and greenery has a special attribute and sound to bring to each arrangement. With the variation of color and texture, lush blooms, gorgeous greens, and trailing vines the possibilities are endless!


I love having the privilege of designing flowers for weddings and special events. With each choice of flowers and greenery a new story is told.  The textures, colors, and stems are all chosen and placed with the smallest details in mind.  Even with 15 years of design experience, I still am in awe with the flowers that can surround us.


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